August 8, 2015

I can hear a sound….a sound that echoes within my soul! A cry of people, a hunger that has yet to be fulfilled, a thirst that is still waiting to be satisfied! What is it? Can I really understand this call? It’s a burning I can’t ignore! It is my purpose! The reason I was put on this earth! All for them….even those I don’t know yet. There’s something bigger than myself…it’s a Holy violent, loving, roar that I constantly feeling welling up inside of me. What can this be?!


A desperate longing to know who they know their purpose, to understand their emptiness, TO KNOW THEIR CREATOR! AND HE IS BURNING TO BE ONE WITH THEM AS WELL!  

Not everyone can possibly know what they are looking for. Especially if they haven’t even heard of His name yet. But once they experience Him….OH ONCE THEY EXPERIENCE HIM…..THEN they will realize, THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SEARCHED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR!

Who will go and who will tell them? Who has the good news? Who is able will risk it all for the nations?

I hear another cry too. A cry even more deep, more powerful, more desperate! One that, as Christians, we can’t and shouln’t ignore. It ruins me and makes me come undone! The most loving, gut-wrenching, tremendous sound. HIM! Papa crying for His bride! Crying for the nations. Crying for His children to come back home! COME HOME! COME HOME! COME HOME TO ME!” He wants them! He wants them all!

Leaving the 99 to find the one, taking strips on His back, sending His Spirit, HE.HAS.MADE.A.WAY!!! & That love is so radical and so unavoidable, you’ll do anything when you experience it!

So I must go and I must never stop! WE MUST NEVER STOP! Let us always reach for nations, one at a time! Everywhere we are!