God Wants to Lead Our Lives

October 26, 2015

As I gaze upon the shaky, turbulence-effected image of the aircraft cockpit door stating crew only”, I sit and ponder the skills of what it takes to man such a piece of machinery this size. There is most likely lots of training involved and an overall necessary peace that has to over take the one behind the wheel.

I am on my way home from The World Race Training Camp at this point and I can’t help but begin to debrief everything I have undergone with Jesus. Sure, it was only 10 days but a lot can happen in 10 days. Sure, there was a lot of physical training but that can also connect with the Spiritual and mental aspects of this adventure as well.

Then I start to think about the passengers on the plane. What if we were all back seat drivers to this craft and we decided to yell everything that came to our mind?

What if thoughts overtook us such as, I’m sure I can do this better than the pilot.” My immediate response to these thoughts were those of Oh I would never…”

Yet, how many times I have I done such a thing to God? How many times have we done such a thing to God?

God knows what He’s doing because He is God and He doesn’t need us to be in control because when we are, things tend to get a little messy.

If there is anything I learned these pass 10 days, and I as continue to stay focused on the now, while preparing for launch in January….it’s that I don’t want control. I don’t need it, nor can I be trusted with it.

GOD IS SO GOOD, BEAUTIFUL, FAITHFUL, LOVING, ETC. I want Him to take it all. I want Him to lead me!   None of us are 100% sure of what the next 13 months will look like but we know we are in love & we want to continue to fall more in love with the God of the universe, as we role with the punches.

I’m not worried because I know now more than ever, I am exactly where I need to be….A simple passenger on His plane, trusting, as He leads me wherever He wants me to go.

Thanks for all your prayers & support! Love ya’ll! Matthew 6:33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”